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Our puppies are raised in a family environment, where they are socialized with Children. If you are looking for Bone, Head and AKC Top Line. Look no further.
If you look for a puppy and decide not to buy, please let us know why. With your response we can better our listings and product selection.
What was the reason you did not purchase
Price ?
Just Looking ?
Shipping Price Too High ?
Insufficient/Confusing Listing ?
Not Satisfied with Appearance ?
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Our Puppies are born in our own Farm.The litter room include Special Litter Box  for the mother and Her Puppies also a Include WARMING heat lamp light auto timer kid and heated mat to keep constantly the same temperature.
At the age of 21 days old we start to feed the puppies with Special puppy Dry food.
At the age of 53 days old we separate the Puppies from The mother.
Our Puppies will be Move to the new Homes at the Age of 60 days old.
All new owner will receive .
1-Puppy with Microchip ID Which Guarantees the identify the Dogs also Our Stud and Imported Dogs was registered By American Kennel Club with DNA Profile.
2-American Kennel Club (AKC) Full REGISTRATION .
3-Health certificate.

Sales Agreement and Receipt of Deposit.


1A-    The Seller guarantees the dog against fatal viruses for seventy two hours.These includes Distemper,Parvo and Corona.It does not include Coccidia and Kennel Cough which are caused by bacteria and not life threatening.

2A-   In case of severe elbow or DHD (Disabling Hip Dysplasia) problems until the puppy is a year (1) old.
We would need written proof from OFA (Orthopedic Animal Foundation) or PennHIP (The University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program),the radiograph should be permanently identified in the film emulsion with micro-chip number,registered name and/or number,date of the bird,name of veterinarian or hospital making the film,date of radiograph taken,furthermore,the radiograph and report must meet standards submission requirements.

If the dog develops a severe genetic health disorder prior twelve months of age that directly result in death or mandatory euthanasia of the dog as documented by veterinary records supplied by the buyer to the seller,the seller agrees to replace the dog .

3A-    The Seller will provide a replacement dog as soon as availability permits within a year.
A replacement dog would be of equal value pick and sex or the replaced dog from an available breeding, no refundable money will be allow. We will supply the dog free of charge; the shipping charges will be yours. Before a replacement is shipped we need proof of the dog being destroyed, or spayed or neutered, or we will reserve the right to ask for the dog back to our kennel if shipment is necessary will be under the buyer responsibility.

4A-    This guarantee does not cover cherry eye,localized mange,bladder stones,inverted eye-lids,inverted tails,testicle problems.
Note:pre-departure vet check will insure both testicles have descended.

Buyer’s Responsibility

1B-    The Buyer understands that it is the buyer’s responsibility to personally inspect the dog and if desired,to have the dog examined by a licensed veterinarian within seventy two hours of possession,any claims of unsatisfactory health must be made a writing within this first seventy two hours of possession .if the health of the animal is found to be unsatisfactory by veterinarian,documented in writing with a copy provided to the seller,the buyer may return the Dog immediately to the seller for a full refund of the purchase price or a replacement Dog.

2B-    The buyer agrees to purchase the dog with no other guarantees expressed or implied including,but not limited to faults listed in FCI or AKC standard and other congenital or acquired defects.

3B-    The buyer agrees to hereby waive and release the seller from any liability of any nature,for any injury or damage or loss the dog may suffer or cause,directly or indirectly,to any property or person, including specifically,but without limitation,any injury or damage resulting from the action of the dog.

4B-    The buyer and Seller contains the entire agreement of both parties and shall be constructed and enforced in accordance with the law of the State of Florida,both parties specifically agree that there are not other agreements other than those set forth in this document,any legal action filed by either party in effort to enforce this contract will be filed in Miami Dade Florida,each party acknowledges that hey have read and understand the terms and conditions  Agreement and have voluntarily entered into and executed this agreement.

NOTE: Deposits on Dogs are NOT REFUNDABLE. When deposit is received we then assign a Dog to your name and order. Once deposit is received, that Dog is not offered to another buyer. RESERVE DOG WITH A 20% Deposit.

__________________________________________ ________________________________________
SELLER (signature and date) BUYER (signature and date)

DOG Microchip ID and Sire DNA Profile ID